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The advances in digital technology have changed the approach in most industries. Banking & Finance have been slow in adopting due to the legacy applications in use and mainly due to their high-risk category. The need for better engagement and improved returns on investment is making financial marketers move to the digital platform.
Education industry has been continuously investing in technology for improved learning techniques and methodology. The investment soared by 55% in 2014, and is all set to go higher in coming years. According to Global Industry Analysts, the e-learning market should have reached $107 in 2015, and is expected to increase by another 13% by 2017. The ever expanding knowledge ecosystem is all set to unleash the potential of digital learning practices.
Informed consumers, increased mobility and the increasing demand for convenience are transforming the retail industry as a whole. The buying behavior and changing media habits are adding to this transformation. Technology is gradually integrating the different processes with the help of technology to reduce the risks and operational costs, and improve productivity.
Nextnode works with public and private health organizations to ensure that technology becomes an essential part of every day, effective healthcare. We support health organizations to reduce the expenses of both clinical and non-clinical systems and help them realize their aim of improving patient care. We design applications and desktop delivery solutions that give access to the right data, anywhere and anytime. We also support information-sharing requirements that improve patient care across different teams, departments, and organizations.
Technology has revolutionized how governments function and interact with the citizens globally. Citizens can connect & communicate, gaining access to information with ease, in a more secure & reliable environment .In the midst of globalization, and emerging technologies, government officials are exploring new ways of connecting with the citizens.
When a software application has been developed specifically for your industry it is better equipped to handle your manufacturing process with minimal or no customization. This means faster, more affordable implementation and maintenance. Furthermore, an industry-specific solution typically offers deeper functionality for your specific business and operations needs than a generic package.